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I know there are on-line puzzle makers that can do a basic job of making puzzles, but compairing those to Word Splash Pro is like comparing a Yugo to a Maserati.

THOROUGHLY enjoying the program. Right up there with the best money I ever spent on software.

R. Moffitt

I especially Love the publish to web features of Word Splash Pro. I found it very easy to use, and yet it creates an awesome online game.

R. Nobert

Just a brief message to let you know that I simply adore your software -- I have a programming background myself, and I can certainly recognize a high-quality program when I see one! You provide tons of features at a very reasonable price.

M. Feenstra

Word Splash Pro gives me so much pleasure - it makes a vital task preparation for working with students with learning difficulties interesting and smooth. There are so many useful tools in the program that can be used or ignored if not required. This flexibility keeps me as a producer of work interested and my students as users of my work on task. The on-line is written to help the novice quickly become confident. Well done.

M. Fotherby. Headteacher. Warmley Tower School, Bristol, U.K.

Just a note to let you know that I just ordered; I really like that damn program! A year and a half ago I didn't have the time to make my students a word search puzzle, so I used one from the textbook's publisher. My students complained it was too easy! So I told them from then on, they'd never say that again--and they haven't.

The thing I really like is that Word Splash makes it so easy to make different versions of the same puzzle, so that each student has a different puzzle!

B. Ritts

This is a really nice program. I have tried just about all of them. I needed a program that would allow me to save my puzzles, generate different size type and different sized puzzles. I like the ease in editing. I make the puzzles for use in high school classrooms for vocabulary review and your program does a very professional job. Thanks!

S. Watkins 

... let me commend you again for Word Splash. I have downloaded and paid for several similar programmes over the past couple of years, but Word Splash is easily the best value and the most flexible. Best wishes,

K. Chant 

I love your WORDSPLASH program and I am using it constantly.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all you have done to make my classroom a better place.

F. Miller 

I want to tell you how very much this program has helped in teaching my classes. It has been a delight to all my teaching friends. If you are on my list of teaching friends, I make you your very own room seek and find.

T. Zell 

I use Word Splash for my son's second grade spelling words.  It seems to help and he LOVES word puzzles!  It's a great product!

G. Bolduc 

The kids at school are really amazed when give them the word searches. "Did you do this? WOW" I substitute teach and use these lots as extra work for those times that the kids finish  their regular work early. My daughters have made wordsearches for class and have wowed their teachers. I have a recommendation and link on my Teachers Links page. Thanks for the great program!

L. Dowling

I was really surprised, Word Splash is amazing!  I could not believe that I could actually make puzzles difficult enough to entertain myself.

D. Bryson

I love your program and use it alot in my special ed class.

C. Morley 

This is by far the BEST word search program I have ever seen!

D. Towne

This is great!!!  You have saved me so much time and provided hours of fun.

M. Svenman

Thank you.  I have been searching for a good quality word search for a long time.  Yours allows me to create puzzles in Hebrew as well!!

M. Zaritsky 

I am currently residing in Moscow, Russia. The WordSplash software will be used for fun games for the two organizations I belong to. Actually, I'm on the board of the American Women's Organization of Moscow and the International Women's Club of Moscow. I'll make puzzles using the names of club activities, plus, since I am the chairperson of the IWC Charities group, I may have some success recruiting volunteers if I can get their attention using the games.

T. Parrott

Thank you again so much for such a wonderful and powerful program. I use it to create puzzles for my children's school and all the teachers think they are great.

T. Sailor 

I only register shareware that deserves to be registered, and usually only after trying it for the full trial time specified, and then setting it aside for a while. In the week that I have tried Word Splash, it has exceeded my expectations so completely that it has (to my mind) taken the title "Best Shareware Package" without a struggle. Congratulations on a job well done!

D. Thomas 

Thanks for your help as we found our way around the possibilities of this fascinating programme.  We tutor 6-17 year olds with normal to high intelligence, but learning difficulties such as: ADD, Adhd, SLD, dyslexia, which result in lowered performance in reading, spelling, and study skills.  The ready adaptability of this programme gives an exciting tool for consolidating both visual and phonetic individual material appropriate to each child.

N. Whitcombe 

I work with Children and Single Adults at church, and this will be a great tool to use with curriculum and games!

L. Spohn

Thank you for helping make my job so much easier with this program.

C. Burton 

It's the best Word Search + Puzzle program I have ever seen. My son really enjoys using it the most. You did a great job.  Keep up the good work!

M. Ashley

Love this program. I use it with my students at school (speech pathology and learning disabilities.) The students really like the different shapes of the puzzles.

J. Lyth 

I've been using it to make word puzzles for my daughters 2nd grade class using their spelling lesson each week. I usually make 5 puzzles in varying degree of difficulty and usually one or two with masks to keep them really interested. The teacher loves it and so do the kids.

R. Roberts 

Excellent program! I use it with high school students.

A. Robertson 

It is the best word search program I have ever seen. Every other teacher at my school is amazed by it.

C. Christianson 

I downloaded several word search programs.  Yours had almost everything I was looking for.  I am still learning how to use it.  It's a wonderful program!

S. Melin

I'm a teacher. This will be very useful. The templates are very good. I like being able to make a word search or an ordinary word scramble. The math puzzle format will be good for math class. I'm going to use the word searches for practicing reading vocabulary before we read. Thanks.

J. Bechtel 

I like your program. I have 4 kids and this will come in handy for school! I have another program, but it is not as nice as yours.

J. Christaldi

I got Word Splash 2.0 some time ago off a shareware disk. It has more flexibility than any other program I've found (I've tried a lot of them: Expert, Softkey, Magic, etc..) Have used it in making High School word searches for my Marine Biology class. The kids love them. I use 48 words with no reverse diagonal words. That seems to be about the right difficulty level without being too easy, but it doesn't stress them out either. I'm gladly sending you the registration fee for 4.0! Thanks for the good work.

M. Cheney

I truly enjoy this program and it's features.  I am making searches for my daughter's 2nd grade class and the teacher says it helps the kids learn the words' spelling quicker!

C. Helper 


S. Harrolle 

Great for teaching!

K. Gerstner 

Very well designed & written!

J. & D. Tippy 

Very easy to use and very versatile.

A. Thorne

Most Excellent!

C. Krautblatt


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