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"Word Splash Pro was designed to be a flexible, feature rich, and easy to use word search puzzle maker. We wanted it easy enough for the beginner, yet powerful enough to allow the advanced puzzle maker to be more adventurous with complex puzzle creation."
- Al Bogdan, Developer

The main interface allows the puzzle creation process to be as simple or advanced as the user wishes to make it. Simply enter words and press MAKE, or dig in and use all the advanced features and utilities.

Puzzle Creation Features

  Puzzle Grid Control:

  • Word Directions allowed in your puzzle can be assigned.
  • Word Intersection methods can be assigned. You can disable, allow or force word intersections. You can also control if the first and last characters of a word should be allowed to intersect.
  • Noise Fill (characters in the puzzle grid that are not part of a word) can be controlled.
    • Random will use random characters.
    • Partial Word Fill will tell the software to fill the puzzle grid with parts of the words in the word list.
    • Entered Characters will allow you to choose exactly which characters to use.
    • Noise Fill Text can be used to more easily replace the puzzle grids noise characters with any text you would like (allowing you to have a phrase hidden in the puzzle that is found only after the puzzle has been solved.)
    • Overriding the individual automatically generated noise characters is also allowed.
    • Noise Duplicate Checking will check the puzzle grid for accidental duplication of words.
  • Allow All Characters in the grid or limit to only alphabetic characters.
  • Assign Lower Case, Upper Case or As Entered characters to the puzzle grid.
  • Grid Printing Features.
    • Circle One Word.
    • Box Grid allows you to draw a box around the puzzle grid
    • Grid Lines allow you to print boxes around the puzzle grid characters.
    • Automatically resizes the grid font to fit the grid on the page.
  • Move and Rotate Words in the puzzle grid to place your words exactly where you want them.
  • Grid Size
    • Size the Puzzle Grid up to 80 x 80.
    • Manually Assign the grid size or allow Word Splash Pro to generate a size based on a Percentage of Noise Characters.
    • Masks can also be used to size a puzzle (see below)
  • Masks allow you to control many aspects of a puzzle grid.
    • Shape your puzzle grid.
    • Size your puzzle grid.
    • Select where words may be placed.
    • Select where noise characters will always get placed.
    • Paint a grid cell color.
    • Paint a grid cell's font color.
    • Import a new mask using a BMP picture file.

Word List Features: 

  • Word List Editing is easy and works the same as most text editing programs.
  • Standard Text Editing Utilities make it easier to work with your word lists:
    • Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete
    • Find and Replace
    • Case Conversion (upper, lower and first letter capitalization)
  • Sort/Unsort Word List lets you sort your word list, or unsort them to make the puzzle more difficult.
  • Spell Checking will check your word list for typos.
  • Thesaurus for word replacement or to build an entire list.
  • Duplicate Word Finder to locate words within other words even if they are backward.
  • Fit Words To Grid feature helps you trim a word list to fit a particular grid size.
  • Word List Builder allows you to merge in words from your saved word lists.
  • Word List Trimmer allows easily trimming words from a long word list.
  • Random Word List Generator allows you to choose word lists from which you will randomly create a new word list of any size.
  • Hidden Words are words in the list that should be included in the puzzle, but not in the word list when it is printed.
  • Scramble Words optionally allows you to scramble the words in the word list when it is printed.
  • Instant Capture of any text sent to the Windows clipbaoard makes it easier to build word lists from existing documents and the Internet..
  • Special Parsing Cleanup Processing allows easily cleaning up text brought in from other sources.
  • Choose Word List Printing Overflow Method:
    • Automatically Shrink the Word List Font to fit the list on a single page.
    • All Words On Second Page if words can't fit.
    • Continue Words on Second Page if words can't fit.
  • Column Control:
    • Even or Flowing columns.
    • Automatic or assigned number of columns.

Font Support:

  • Extended Character Support means you can use any language for which you have a font. You can even use wingding fonts and numbers.
  • Key Typer Utility is used to enter any character from a font. All available characters are shown on a grid for easy selection.
  • Fast Key Entry allows more easily entering special characters using the keyboard only.
  • Choose Font typeface, size, style and color for the title, grid, word list and text paragraphs.
  • Limit Fonts to resizable fonts or fixed spacing fonts.
  • Save Font Assignments with word lists and puzzles so they display correctly next time you load them.

Output Options: 

  • Save Puzzle and play it using the Puzzle Player program.
  • Print Puzzle:
    • Any Paper Size.
    • Supports Color Printers.
  • Clip Puzzle
    • Send Puzzle to Windows Clipboard to be Pasted in another program
    • Supports text, graphic and MetaFile formats
  • Export Puzzles
    • Used to take puzzles into other programs
    • Supports text, graphic (BMP,JPG,PCX,PNG,TIF), MeteFile (scalable) and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats
  • Publish HTML to create a printable web page from your puzzle using templates that allow you to define the look of your web pages.
  • Publish A Java Applet web page to allow playing the puzzle on the web.
  • Automatic Generate
    • Generates multiple new puzzles from a word list or using random words
    • Print and/or save puzzle

Other Features:  

  • Answer Sheets can be printed. Choose the word highlighting method, or create a transparancy sheet.
  • Print Preview allows you to view the puzzle before you print it. You can also change puzzle features while previewing your puzzle to adjust the page layout.
  • Text Paragraphs can be added to the printed page. Use these as instructions, or just to have fun with.
  • Page Layout Control.
    • Page Orientation.
    • Word List Placement (under or beside the puzzle grid).
    • Justification of title, grid, word list and text paragraphs.
  • Creation Notes can be added to a puzzle. They will display every time your puzzle is edited. Many sample puzzles are included that contain creation notes to help you learn to make that puzzle style.
  • Player Notes can be added that will display when ever your puzzle is played with the puzzle player software.
  • Save/Load/Delete word lists, grid settings, font settings, masks (shape and colors), text paragraphs and completed puzzles. This allows you to reuse your creations.
  • Grid On-Screen Size options let you work on any resolution screen comfortably.
  • Installs Fast and Easy.

Help & Documentation 

  • On-Line Help is at your finger tips. Hit F1 on any window for instant help on that window.
  • Style Sheets automate creating different puzzle types.
  • The New Puzzle Wizard can be used to help you load saved puzzle attributes.
  • Help Hints optionally can tell you what all the buttons and fields are for as you pass the mouse over them.
  • Daily Helpful Hints gives you many interesting tips on using the software.
  • Lots of Samples: Word Lists, Grid Settings, Font Definitions, Text Definitions, Puzzles and Shape Masks!

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