Most new web browsers now have an automatic process that will ask you if you want to "Install", "Open" or "Run" the downloaded file once it is on your computer. If your browser does this then you can just use this capability to install the software right from the browser.

If your browser does not do so, then use the following process:

When you click on the download link on our web page a window will appear asking what folder/directory you want to place the file in. Accept the default location, or choose a new location, but be sure to note where your browser places the file when it asks. When it is fully downloaded use the Windows File Explorer (My Computer) to access the folder/directory that it was placed in. Double click on the file (or right click on it and choose OPEN). The installation process will begin. Just follow the instructions.

When you are done installing the software you may delete this downloaded setup program file that was used to install the software. If you think you may need to reinstall at a leter date and do not wish to download the file again backup the file to a CD first.

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