Word Splash Pro Sound Studio

The Sound Studio provides additional audio support to
Word Splash Pro. The software enhances your ability to manage sound files for your interactive puzzles by allowing you to easly record, convert and assign sounds to your puzzles.

Registered Studio users also get access to many pre-recorded sounds for instant use in your Word Splash Pro puzzles.


Audio List Recorder

The audio list recorder allows easily recording your own sounds using the word lists within a Word Splash Pro puzzle file (WSP). Simply open the saved puzzle file and the list of words are displayed. Click on each word and record your audio. The software automatically names the files with the prefix and number required to work with the Word Splash Pro Java Applet. It fully automates the recording of spoken word puzzles.

You may also record the standard sound effects that take place during different actions within the Java Applet. A special list of the available actions is also provided to make this easy to do. Simply load the list, record your audio, and assign the files as the defaults for al puzzles or assign them to a specific puzzle. This allows you to add voice instructions as well as spoken words.

The audio level trigger helps trim space from the start of your audio files by only recording when you start to speak, making it easy to record short and precise audio files.


HTML Updater

Now that you have recorded audio files to use with your puzzles, this makes it easy to assign the sounds to your puzzles. Simply go to the generated web pages on your computer and display your puzzle pages. The actual puzzle appears on the screen. You can click on it, play the puzzle, and move through links just as you would in your web broswer. This allows for instant testing of the sounds prior to moving your enhanced puzzles to your web server.

The HTML Updater also allows you to quickly change some of the settings for your puzzles. Use this to quickly turn on the features that play sounds for each word as it is clicked in the list or circled in the grid. You can also modify other non-sound related settings.

Use this feature to quickly copy action sounds as well. You can assign them as the default for all puzzles in the folder, assign them only to the current puzzle, or give them a special prefix and share them among multiple specific puzzles. All the flexibility within the Word Splash Pro Java Applet can more easily be utilized and implemented with a minimum of effort.


Window Puzzle Player Packager

You may also package your recorded sounds to play under the Word Splash Puzzle Player software. Simply package the sounds into an WSA file and place it into the same folder as your puzzle. The Word Splash Puzzle Player will automatically detect the sounds are available and will use them while the puzzle is played. You can include Tutorial audio to help your users through various steps of the puzzle or you may include spoken words as the puzzle is solved. Create a "default" audio package and that will be used for all puzzles in the same folder. That allows easily adding special sound files to all your puzzles without having to make a new one for every puzzle.


File Processing Utilities

While the Sound Studio will help guide you through the steps required to manage you sounds, you can also take advantage of many built-in file utilities to manually play, convert WAV files to the AU format, and copy, move or delete your audio files.