Word Splash Pro Power Pack

The Power Pack allows changing the About Box image for the Java Applet and Windows Puzzle Player to an image of your choosing. It includes a set of additional tools to enhance your ability to market and package puzzles created with the Word Splash Pro puzzle creation software. Power Pack owners also get all upgrades to Word Splash Pro and the Sound Studio for free.

Provided with the Power Pack:

  1. Free Upgrades
    Power Pack owners get all future upgrades to Word Splash Pro, the Sound Studio and the Power Pack utilities for free.

  2. Java Applet About Box Image Replacement
    This feature allows using your own image for the Java Applet about box. Your new image will display when ever anyone acesses the About Box. Use it to advertise your own company or consulting services. (The applet version number will only display as a small text line at the very bottom of the about box so you know what version of the applet is being used in case support is required.) A web site link can also be assigned that so that when your About Box image is clicked the user will be taken to the web page you assign.

  3. Sound Studio Pro
    The power pack includes full access to the Word Splash Pro Sound Studio. Use thus program to record audio for use with the playable web pages. Easily create individual sound files for each word in a puzzles list, convert WAV files to the AU format to use as sound effects, easily assign sounds to existing HTML web pages and test them right in the software. Available April, 2004.

  4. Windows CD Builder
    This process allows you to define a CD that includes the Word Splash Puzzle Player for Windows. Use it to define your CD and generate the CD contents into a folder. Simply burn that folder to a CDR drive using any CD burning software. To use the CD simply insert it into the CD drive and the puzzles can be played without any software installation required. A great way to package your puzzles for MS Windows users.

  5. Puzzle Pack Distribultion Builder
    Puzzle Packs are puzzles that have been grouped for distribution. Use them with the free Word Splash Puzzle Player software. They support automated unpacking, a licence agreement acceptance process, extra document display (help, information, sales...), web links and your own about box image. You may also include directly printable or displayable PDF files of all your included puzzles. Optionally protect your installation file with a passcode that can be is assigned once or assigned to each user name you sell your puzzles to. Puzzle Packs are perfect for distribution of secured puzzle sets across the internet or on CD.