Word Splash Pro Support

The following are some common questions concerning Word Splash Pro. If your answer is not found here email us with your question using the email address found at the bottom.

Many of these issues are for old versions of Word Splash Pro. If using an old version consider upgrading.

  1. The software says the Trial Period is over and it will not run any longer.

    You must register your copy and enter the registration information using the About Box. You can access this using the links that appears in the unregistered message screen. If you have not registered yet, purchase your copy by Clicking Here. If you already registered you will need to enter the exact name and passcode that the software is registered under since the passcode must match up with the registration name. If you lost your registration information contact support@chronasoft.com and supply enough registration details that your data can be looked-up and verified.

  2. Software Freezes under Vista or Windows 7

    Prior to version 9.6 Word Splash Pro had to be run with Administrator security under Windows. To set the software link to start in Administrator mode use these instructions. Versions after 9.6 do not require administrator rights.

  3. When the software starts the grid does not work.

    Word Splash Pro requires at least one printer to be installed on the computer. If you do not have a printer on your computer then install a standard printer like an HP Deskjet.

  4. The Software Says MSVCIRT.EXE is Missing.

    Download This Patch File and open/execute it to add this file to your Word Splash Pro folder. This file is normally installed with Windows, but sometimes is improperly removed by other software programs.

  5. I/O error appears when Word Splash Pro 6.0 starts.

    A bug in WSP 6.0 can cause this I/O error. You may contact us for a free upgrade to version 7.2, or purchase the upgrade to the latest version.

  6. My very antique copy of Word Splash Pro says I need to Update To A Newer Version

    If your copy is prior to version 6.0 you will need to upgrade it to version 5.4. This is a free upgrade for registered users. Just email support@chronasoft.com with enough registration information to verify and look-up your original order. Better yet, consider purchasing an upgrade to the latest version.

  7. My Firewall Gives A Warning when starting Word Splash Pro and/or when using the Internet Update

    Word Splash Pro version 7.0 (and after) has a built-in Internet Update process that can be used to download upgrades and add-on files. Set your firewall to give Word Splash Pro Internet access if you wish to use the Check for Update feature.

  8. Word Splash Pro version 7 Java Applet gives an "java.lang.IllegalArguementException", "corrupt applet" or missing file error.

    Use Check for Update to update your copy of the Java Applet to a newer version. Use the newer WSPlay.jar file on your web site.

  9. The Java Applet page only displays a gray box, but no puzzle.

    When you publish a playable web page, Word Splash Pro creates all the files needed by the interactive Java applet. A list of the created files is displayed after they are created. When you move the puzzle to your web site you must move ALL of the files listed into the same location on your web site. If only the gray box appears that means you probably did not move the JAR file or the JPG files onto your web server.

    For example, if using Microsoft Front Page, you should create a directory in Front Page called something like "puzzles". Publish your puzzles from Word Splash Pro into into this directory, or move them into the directory after publishing them. If you have both Word Splash Pro and Front Page open at the same time you may need to Refresh the directory from Front Page to see the files. If you like, you can edit the web page Word Splash Pro created. Now, just transfer the directory to your web site using Front Page and all the files will be moved to your site ready to be played.

  10. Cannot Print Multiple Copies

    A few printers do not properly handle printing multiple copies correctly. To correct for this simply use the "Software Handles Multiple Copies" option found under the Options menu and Word Splash Pro will submit the copies for you instead of expecting the printer to handle it..

  11. Weird Symbols or a Foreign Language instead of Standard Alphabetic Letters

    If your text looks strange in the word list, puzzle grid, or text paragraph areas, then you are probably using an icon font. This sometimes happens when you are working with a puzzle that uses icon fonts and you do not remember to set the font back to a regular font. See the Font Settings window to change your fonts. To correct this you may wish to load a saved font setting. You can also correct this easily by simply loading a puzzle that you know has fonts you like or by loading the Load Default Settings style.

  12. Accented, Strange or Mixed Case Characters are placed in the Puzzle Grid

    If you are getting special accented letters, strange characters, or mixed case characters in your puzzle grid then the Allow All Characters option may be set on the Grid Settings window. Turn it off and only standard English alphabetic characters will appear in your grid.

    Mixed case characters may also be placed in the grid if you specify the "No Change" case option found on the Grid Settings window.

  13. Will Not Generate A Puzzle

    Normally, Word Splash Pro will be able to tell you what the problem is when it cannot generate a puzzle, but in some instances it may have problems if you turn off some of its validation options. For example, if you turn off Duplicate Word Checking, but leave on Noise Checking, then you might have a duplicate word in your word list which will not be detected, and when you generate the puzzle the noise checking process will find the duplicate in the puzzle grid which will cause it to regenerate. If you turn off Duplicate Word Checking you should still run this check manually from the Edit menu or turn off Noise Checking and simply allow duplicates in the puzzle grid.

    Some word lists are simply inherently difficult to generate puzzles from. For example, a word list with many small words, or very few different letters, makes it more difficult to create a packed puzzle grid. It will be difficult to place the words next to each other without duplicating the other small words and a lot of attempts may be needed. You may need to create a puzzle with only %25 words and %50 noise since the software can more easily change noise text than move the words around.

  14. "Convert Case Of List" Edit Menu Option Is Disabled

    This option is not allowed when the Allow All Characters option is set on the Grid Settings window since that option tells Word Splash Pro to ignore the case of the characters and treat all characters as equal. This feature is typically used when working with an Icon font.

  15. Printed Puzzle Does Not Show All Text

    This problem has been linked to some older printer drivers. It should not be a problem with newer versions of Word Splash Pro since enhancments have been made for this issue. In the case that you do experience it please try the following. First check the web site of your printer manufacturer to see if there is a more up to date version of the printer driver and install it. Next try using the "Convert Fonts To Black" setting found under the Page Layout Window. Finally, contact Chronasoft (support@chronasoft.com) and let us know of your problem and which printer you are using.

  16. Cannot Print or Preview A Puzzle

    To print and preview puzzles under Word Splash Pro you must be using a printer driver that supports graphics. A printer driver is a piece of software that allows a Windows program to print to a particular printer. Word Splash Pro does not print to printers that can only print text. You can use such limited printers, but you will need to export or clip your puzzles and use another program like the NOTEPAD program that is included with Windows. If you are working on a machine that does not currently have a printer attached, and you wish to print preview your puzzles, you will need to first load a printer driver. You do not need to actually have the printer attached to load the driver. Once the printer driver is loaded Word Splash Pro will preview the puzzle as if you were using that printer. This might be useful if you work on your puzzles on a portable computer, but print them using a different computer later, or if you only play your puzzles using the puzzle player. See the MS Windows Help for more information on how to load printer drivers.

  17. Internet Update Does Not Connect
    Some computers are not setup to automatically connect to the Internet when requested. If your computer does not automatically dial out then you may need to connect to the Internet prior to using the Internet Update process. Use the "Require Manual Internet Connection" option found under the General Options Window so a dial out request will not be requested in the future (made available in WSP 7.1).

  18. WSP file extension launches Paint Shop Pro instead of Word Splash Pro

    When a WSP file is opened using the File Explorer or My Computer Word Splash Pro should start. Users that have installed Paint Shop Pro may find that Paint Shop Pro starts instead because the file extension has been taken over. To switch it back to Word Splash Pro you must reassign the file type. Click here for instructions.

Support EMail: support@chronasoft.com