SUPPORT ISSUE: Word Splash Pro freezing under Vista or Windows 7

Word Splash Pro currently must be run in Administrator mode.

To test this you can try starting the program by doing a right-click on the program and choosing “Run as administrator”.

To avoid having to do this each time you start the program, you can set it to always run in administrator mode using these steps:

1. Right-Click the Program Shortcut you would like to run as an administrator and click Properties from the context menu.

Note: In the case of Shortcuts pinned to the Taskbar you will need to Right-Click the Taskbar icon, Right-Click the program name from the pop-up list, and finally click Properties in the context menu.

The Advanced Dialog window will display.

2. Click the Advanced button on the Shortcut page to get to the Advanced Properties dialog.


3. Check the "Run As Administrator" check box and press OK.

Word Splash Pro will now function properly.