WSP file extension does not open Word Splash Pro

When a WSP file is opened using the File Explorer or My Computer, Word Splash Pro should start. Users that have installed Paint Shop Pro may find that Paint Shop Pro starts instead. The WSP file extension has been taken over. To switch it back to Word Splash Pro you must reassign the file type.

Every version of Windows is a little different, but these instructions should get you through the process.

  1. Start the File Explorer or the My Computer.

  2. Find the FOLDER OPTIONS item under one of the menus. It's located in different places depending on which version of Windows you have, but look under the Tools or View menus to start.

  3. Once the Folder Options window is displayed click on the FILE TYPES tab page. Here's where you match a file type to a program. Find the WSP file type in the list, or the "Paint Shop Pro" item in the list.

  4. Click the Edit or Advanced button, which ever is available.

  5. If there is a Description of Type text area at the top (it may not have a label), use it to type in "Word Splash Pro Puzzle".

  6. Next, change the Icon (graphic) to use the Wsplash.exe file. You may wish to use the BROWSE button to find the Wsplash.exe program file on your computer. The default location is:
    "C:\Program Files\Chronasoft\Word Splash Pro\Wsplash.exe"

  7. When editing a file extension you'll also find a list of actions that can be taken in the file manager. These are listed under the icon entry area. Usually you'll just find "open" listed, but sometimes other actions are also implemented. Click on "open" and then press the EDIT button.

  8. We now want to change it to start Word Splash Pro instead of Paint Shop Pro. Use the BROWSE button to find the Wsplash.exe program file on your computer again. The default location is:
    "C:\Program Files\Chronasoft\Word Splash Pro"

  9. Once you have the file listed you need to add a space and then a double-quote and then %1 and then another quote. That tells the file manager to pass the file name into Word Splash Pro when it opens. It will look something like the following when you are done:
    "C:\Program Files\Chronasoft\Word Splash Pro" "%1"

  10. Click all OK or Close buttons until you are out of all opened Windows.

WSP file types should now start Word Splash Pro when opened in the File Explorer or My Computer.

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