Welcome To Word Splash Pro

There are many very dedicated Word Splash Pro users. There's a reason for this. Word Splash Pro is an enjoyable program to use with plenty of features to discover and explore. It offers creative individuals a way to create interesting and challenging word search puzzles. It's flexible, helpful, and makes sure everything is done right, like any good assistant.


As professional puzzle makers know, a good puzzle reflects the personality of the individual that creates it, and this comes through to people playing puzzles made with Word Splash Pro.


Word Splash Pro is also a tool that makes the process easy for people that just want to turn out quick puzzles for a newsletter, class exercise, or to entertain friends and family.



Anyone that would like to create word search puzzles for entertainment, education, or business will find Word Splash Pro a valuable program to have on hand.



Use F1 while on any window in Word Splash Pro and the appropriate help for that feature will be displayed.

LEARN: Read through this User Manual to learn about all the features.


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For information on the rights granted please review the License Agreement.(Yes, you own the puzzles you create and can print them in books, magazines, or put them on your web site.)




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