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User Manual
User Manual's Sections
What is a Word Search Puzzle?
What Is Word Splash Pro?
Quick Overview of Word Splash Pro
How to Create Different Puzzle Types
Main Interface
Main Window
Puzzle Grid
New Puzzle Wizard
Word List
Opening and Importing Items
Saving Items
Color Selector
Hot Keys
Defining Puzzle Properties
Page Layout Settings
Grid Settings
Text Definitions
Noise Fill
Word List Utilities
Word List Utilities
Word List Building Utilities
Word List Clean-Up Utilities
Puzzle Verification Processes
Spell Check
Censored Word Check
Duplicate Word Check
Words In Other Words
Puzzle Information
Extended Character Entry
Extended Characters
Fast Special Key Entry
Key Typer Window
About Masks
Mask Tool Area
Mask Import Utility
About Printing
Print Selection Window
Print Preview Window
Exporting Puzzles
Export Utility
Clipboard Utility
HTML Publishing
Introduction to HTML Publishing
Publish HTML Window
Java Applet Puzzle Player
Automated Puzzle Generation
Automated Puzzle Generator
Setting Options/Preferences
Preferences and Defaults
General Options Window
Spelling Configuration
Censor Configuration
Keep Setting Prompt
Software and Data Update Utilities
Internet Update Process
Initialize Region and Preferences
Data Migration Prompt
Data Migration Utility
Help Features
Accessing Help
Daily Helpful Hints Window
Creation Notes Window
Power Pack
Power Pack Overview
Puzzle Pack Collection Builder
Contents Tab
Puzzle Options Tab
Setup Options Tab
Sound Studio
Sound Studio Overview
What's New
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What was New In Version 6
Technical Support
Purchasing and Registration
License Agreement
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